Applies to
Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54-YB and WLI-U2-KG54-AI Wireless LAN Adapters

Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP

Buffalo Technology (USA), Inc./ Driver by Ralink Technology Corp.


207 KB

Driver Date & Version
06/18/2004 (ver.


Buffalo driver download page does not have a dedicated driver link for WLI-U2-KG54-YB wireless LAN adapter. I tried to download the nearest model, which was [BUFFALO WLI-U2-KG54-AI Wireless LAN Adapter]. After download and unzip the driver file, I opened NETU2G54.INF under the /U2KG54/Win2000 folder.

Supported Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54 Models

Seems that my guess was right. These models are supported by the driver:
  1. BUFFALO WLI-U2-KG54-YB Wireless LAN Adapter
  2. BUFFALO WLI-U2-KG54-AI Wireless LAN Adapter
  3. BUFFALO WLI-U2-KG54 Wireless LAN Adapter

Supported Windows OS Versions

  1. Windows XP
  2. Windows 2000
  3. Windows 98
  4. Windows ME
According to the same driver information file, apparently Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54 USB wireless LAN adapters are based on RALINK RT2500 chipset. The driver is Windows WHQL certified and supported Radio on/off and Auto Reconnect modes. There are only three folders under the driver zip file, namely:
  1. Win2000
  2. Win98
  3. WinME
If you are installing the Windows XP driver, please try with the driver files under /WinME folder because the INF file under /WinME folder contains the following sentence, showing supports for Windows XP:

This installation script supports Windows 98,Me,2000 & XP for the Ralink RT2500 series USB Wireless LAN Card.

Download Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54-YB Driver here.

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