Applies to
Bt848, Bt849, Bt878 and Bt879 based video capture boards.

Win2000, Win98SE, WinXP and WinMe

Eduardo José Tagle


302.65 kb

Driver Date & Version
02/24/2004 (ver. 5.3.8)


This is a third party created driver for Bt848, Bt849, Bt878 and Bt879 based chipsets used in video capture cards.

The author claimed that some cards are autodetected automatically, (Hauppauge, Miro, Pinnacle, and most bt878 based cards) and since the driver is implemented as a WDM driver, it will try to take the most of the hardware, using all the features the chipset has to offer.

Best of all, as a WDM driver, the same driver will work under Win2000, Win98SE, WinXP and WinMe without modifications.

To know more on the list of brands of video cards supported, see the table below.

MIRO PCTV Hauppauge (bt848)
STB Intel
Diamond DTV2000 AVerMedia TVPhone
MATRIX-Vision MV-Delta Fly Video II (Bt848)
TurboTV Hauppauge (bt878 based)
MIRO PCTV pro ADS Technologies Channel Surfer TV
AVerMedia TVCapture 98 Aimslab Video Highway Xtreme (VHX)
Zoltrix TV-Max Pixelview PlayTV (bt878 based)
Leadtek WinView 601 AVEC Intercapture
LifeView FlyKit w/o Tuner CEI Raffles Card
Lucky Star Image World ConferenceTV Phoebe Tv Master + FM (CPH050)
Modular Technology MM205 PCTV, bt878 [many vendors] CPH05X/06X (bt878)
Terratec/Vobis TV-Boostar Newer Hauppauge WinCam (bt878)
MAXI TV Video PCI2 Terratec TerraTV+
Imagenation PXC200 FlyVideo 98
iProTV Intel Create and Share PCI
Terratec TerraTValue Leadtek WinFast 2000
Flyvideo 98 (LR50Q) / Chronos Video Shuttle II Flyvideo 98FM (LR50Q) / Typhoon TView TV/FM Tuner
PixelView PlayTV pro TView99 CPH06X
Pinnacle PCTV Studio/Rave STB2
AVerMedia TVPhone 98 ProVideo PV951
Little OnAir TV Sigma TVII-FM
MATRIX-Vision MV-Delta 2 Zoltrix Genie TV
Terratec TV/Radio+ Dynalink Magic TView
GV-BCTV3 Prolink PV-BT878P+4E / PixelView PlayTV PAK / Lenco MXTV-9578 CP
Eagle Wireless Capricorn2 (bt878A) Pinnacle PCTV Studio Pro
Typhoon TView RDS + FM Stereo / KNC1 TV Station RDS Lifetec LT 9415 TV (LR90 Rev.F)
BESTBUY Easy TV (CPH031) FlyVideo \'98/FM
GrandTec \'Grand Video Capture\' Phoebe TV Master Only (No FM) CPH060
TV Capturer (CPH03X) MM100PCTV
AG Electronics GMV1 BESTBUY Easy TV (bt878)
ATI TV-Wonder ATI TV-Wonder VE
FlyVideo 2000S Terratec TValueRadio
GV-BCTV4/PCI 3Dfx VoodooTV FM (Euro), VoodooTV 200 (USA)
Active Imaging AIMMS PV-BT878P+
Flyvideo 98EZ (capture only) Prolink PV-BT878P+9B (PlayTV Pro rev.9B FM+NICAM)
Sensoray 311 Generic Bt8xx (only video capture)
Conexant Bt878 NTSC XEVK Rockwell Bt878 NTSC XEVK
Conexant Foghorn NTSC/ATSC-A Conexant Foghorn NTSC/ATSC-B
Conexant Foghorn NTSC/ATSC-C RS BT Card
Tekram M205 (Only video) Generic Bt8xx based card without tuner
Generic Bt8xx based with 4 Composite ins FlyVideo 2000S with add-on board
Hoontech 878TV/FM KWorld TV878RF-PRO
Gallant InterVisionTV IV550 Mach TV 878
User Defined cards..  

Download Bt848, Bt849, Bt878 and Bt879 XP Driver here.

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    MIRO PCTV pro

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    i need driver & captv tekram m205 for winxp

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    minta driver tv tuner bt 878

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    i need software driver 878tv tuner

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    Bt848, Bt849, Bt878 and Bt879 XP Driver


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