Applies to
Brother MFC-410CN Printer

Windows Vista



63.11 MB

Driver Date & Version
2007-05-16 (ver. A)


If you search for Brother MFC-410CN printer Vista driver in Borther USA website, you will only find the drivers for MFC-420CN and 440CN but not MFC-410CN. I do not know why but I have found the exactly driver in Brother China website.

The driver is in English so no worry. Follow the installation instructions to install the Windows Vista driver.

Brother MFC-410CN Vista Driver Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Vista driver file 410INST-A.EXE to a temporary folder in your hard disk e.g. c:/brother/
  2. Double click the 410INST-A.EXE file to decompress the contents.
  3. Two folders will be created after decompressed. [Setupxxxx](xxxx being model number) and [Data].
  4. Open [Setupxxxx/yyy] (xxxx=model number, yyy=language) and run the setup.exe in it.
    Example yyy=Eng, so you need to open [Setupxxxx/Eng/Setup.exe] to start the driver installation.
  5. Follow on screen instructions to complete the driver installation.

Download Brother MFC410CN Vista Driver Update here.

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