Applies to
Broadcom 4401 (440x) Ethernet NIC

Windows ME, Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP (32 bit/x86-64/EM64T), Windows Server 2003 (32 bit/x86-64/EM64T), Windows Vista (32 bit/x86-64/EM64T), Linux (i386)



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Driver Date & Version
All Windows: 02/02/07 ; Linux: 06/26/06 (All Windows: ver. 4.60; Linux: ver. 1.00g)


This is the latest drivers for Broadcom 4401 Ethernet Controller. This 4401 driver pretty much covers all version of Windows and there is also a driver for Linux (x386) too. Too bad Broadcom does not offer UnixWare, SCO and Solaris drivers for 4401 Ethernet controllers.

According to the driver information file, few variations of Broadcom 4401 NIC are supported by this driver, as well as OEM for other manufacturers such as Toshiba, HP and Fujitsu:

  1. Generic Broadcom 4401 A1 NIC or LOM.
  2. Broadcom 4401 A1 NIC
  3. Broadcom 4401 B0 NIC/LOM
  4. P1_C 4401 B0 NIC/LOM
  5. Toshiba NIC/LOM
  6. Fujitsu 4401 B0 NIC/LOM
  7. NEC 4401 B0 NIC/LOM
  9. asustek LOM
  10. MSI LOM
  11. Big B. L. 4401 B0 NIC/LOM
  12. Dell 4401 A1 NIC/LOM
  13. Dell 4401 B0 NIC/LOM

It is advisable to try the Broadcom 4401 NIC driver for your system specific manufacturer first, because some manufacturers actually make changes to their OEM Broadcom 4401 NIC which require rewritten driver files. Failing to get the driver from manufacturer, then maybe you want to try use this 4401 NIC driver from Broadcom.

Download Broadcom 440X 10 100 Driver here.

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