Applies to
Bose Panaray Sound System 502A, 502B and 502C System Controller

PDF Manual



745 KB

Driver Date & Version
1995 (rev. 1.0)


This Bose user manual is specifically for the Bose Panaray Sound System with the following components:

  1. Bose Panaray 502A Controlled Array. (5 years transferable limited warranty)
  2. Bose Panaray 502B Acoustimass Bass Enclosure. (5 years transferable limited warranty)
  3. Bose Panaray 502C System Controller. (2 years transferable limited warranty)

The four-page long manual is divided into these few chapters:

  1. Technical Information.
  2. System Description.
  3. Component Description.
  4. System Configurations.

    Three possible configurations are displayed here:

    1. Basic Panaray System
    2. Expanded Panaray System
    3. Distributed Voice-only system
  5. Panaray Accessories
  6. Engineers and Architects Specifications.
  7. Warranty Information.

This Bose manual is very comprehensive and should be able to provide you enough information.

Download Bose 502C Manual here.

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