Applies to
BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Smart Phone

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Research In Motion (RIM)


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Driver Date & Version
07/19/2006 (ver. 1.0)


This is the English version user manual for BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smart phone. The user manual is quite thick at 242 pages. With vast amount of functionalities for BlackBerry 8100, you will have to spend a lot of time to read the user manual and have some hand-on to get familiar with it.

Here is the list of important chapters in the user manual:

  1. BlackBerry Basics
  2. Shortcuts
  3. Phone
  4. Voice Dialing
  5. Camera
  6. Email Messages
  7. Pin Messages
  8. SMS Text Messages
  9. MMS Messages
  10. Typing
  11. Search
  12. Attachments
  13. Synchronization
  14. Browser
  15. Applications
  16. Media
  17. Maps
  18. Contacts
  19. Calendar
  20. Tasks
  21. Memos
  22. Alarm
  23. Calculator
  24. Bluetooth Technology
  25. Date and Time
  26. Notification Profiles
  27. BlackBerry Messenger
  28. Display and Keyboard
  29. Languages
  30. Wireless Network Coverage
  31. Power and Battery
  32. Sim Card
  33. Security
  34. Third-Party Application Control
  35. BrickBreaker
  36. Service Books
  37. Troubleshooting

Blackberry Pearl 8100 User Manual

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    thankx blackberry is the best

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