Applies to
BenQ DW1620 Retail Version


BenQ (Formerly Acer)


946 KB

Driver Date & Version
9/6/05 (Ver. B7W9)


This firmware is for BenQ DW1620 retail version. To check whether you are having the retail version, make sure the BenQ brand name is printed on the DW1620 drive itself.

For the bulk version firmware, see BenQ DW1620 Firmware for Bulk Version. For the retail version, some of the major changes included on the new firmware are:

  1. CDSpeed quality test, read speed drop
  2. Update WS of Ricoh 8x +RDL @ 2.4x, FTI +R 16x, FTI-R16x]
  3. One CDROM disc cannot mount issue
  4. Improve writing quality. MBI 16x DVD-R, Ricoh+R 8x
  5. Set limitation of setting the OPC power by average of jitter and beta OPC
  6. Ricoh DL 2.4x always write fail - firmware B7V912
  7. DW1620 cannot read a marginal CDR media
  8. (DW1640 #1629) RMD written during test write
  9. Modify the behavior when unsupported disc inserted
  10. Daxon-R 16x spin down

From the different dates and changes for both retail version and OEM/Bulk version, we can assume that they are not compatible with each other, so please identify your BenQ DW1620 correctly before flashing with the new firmware.

Download BenQ DW1620 Firmware for Retail Version here.

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