Applies to
Belkin External PCMCIA Wireless Notebook Network Card F5D6020 V3

Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP 32Bit

Belkin International, Inc.


15.30 MB

Driver Date & Version
(ver. 3000)


This is the version 3000 (3xxx as indicated by Belkin) driver for Belkin 11Mbps PCMCIA external wireless netword card model F5D6020. There are two other versions as well, namely version 1000 and version 2000. Each version requires different drivers so please make sure you are downloading the correct driver version before installing.

To identify whether your Belkin external PCMCIA wireless card is version 3000, please see the example below for identification:

Installation is simple. Download the self-extract driver exe file f5d6020v3.exe and run it. Digging further down inside the zipped file and I found these driver files:
  1. Bel6020.sys
  2. Bel6020.inf
Basically the above three files are all you need to get your Belkin version 3000 external PCMCIA wireless card running.

Key Features

  1. Provide fast and instant LAN connectivity without wires attached.
  2. For small networks (up to 20 users) it is approximately 80% as fast as a 10BaseT wired LAN
  3. For larger networks a wireless LAN operates best as an extension to a wired LAN
  4. Allows you to access servers, email, share files, printers and internet access connects to a wired network backbone through an Access Point
  5. Gives you freedom to roam with your computer anywhere within range of the Access Point
  6. Supports ranges of 50m to 100m indoors and 100m to 500m outdoors (depending on the number of walls or obstacles)
  7. Any area can be covered by adding more Access Points wired together in a cellular fashion

Download Belkin Version 3000 External PCMIA Wireless Card Driver here.

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