Applies to
Avaya 4630/4630SW IP Telehone


Avaya Inc.


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Driver Date & Version
2003/12/10 (ver. 2.0)


This user manual for Avaya 4630 IP phone has instructions on how to reset your Avaya 4630 phone. see below for detailed instructions:

  1. It is advisable resetting is only done after other troubleshooting suggestions do not correct the problems.
  2. Basic reset: Resetting your Avaya 4630:

    1. While your 4630 is idle and on hook, press MUTE 73738 # (RESET)
    2. MUTE button is to be pressed momentarily and do not press this button while pressing other keys.
    3. You will see the following message: [reset values?] *=no, #=yes
    4. As soon as you press the # (yes) button, ALL static information will be erased and you will not be able to recover these information later.
    5. Table below shows more advanced information:

      If you want to Then
      Reset the phone without resetting any assigned values Press *

      A confirmation tone sounds and the display prompts [Restart phone? *=no #=yes]

      Reset the phone and any previously assigned (programmed) values

      Use this option only if your phone has programmed static values)

      Press # (the pound key)

      The display shows the message [resetting values] while your IP Phone resets its programmed values such as the IP address to its defauld values.

      Connection to the server will be reestablished. The display then prompts [Restart phone? *=no #=yes].

  3. Power cycling your Avaya 4630:

    You should only do this with your System Admin approval, after the above basic or programmed reset failed to correct the problem.

    1. unplug your Avaya 4630 and plug it back.
    2. Your 4630 connection is re-established.
    3. If this power cycling does not correct the problem, your system admin can perform a more severe power cycle reset routine: Unplug both the 4630 AND the Ethernet cables.
You can refer to the user manual for Avaya 4630 for more information on resetting the firmware.

Download Avaya 4630 Phone Firmware Reset here.

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