Applies to
Audiovox CDM-4000 CDM-4000XL Dual Mode Digital CDMA Telephone

Owners Operating Manual

Audiovox Communications Corp


1.03 MB

Driver Date & Version
October 1999 (ver. 1.0)


This is the operating manual for Audiovox CDM-4000 phone, a CDMA standard phone.

The 79-pages long PDF manual covers everything you need to know to work with CDM-4000. From basic functions such as making calls to more complex one such as call restriction and voice mail settings are included.

The manual is complete with clear illustrations and detailed description for every item discussed. Seems that the phone manual is intended for users in USA and Canada (as office address for both countries are included in the last page) so if you are from other countries you may want to take note of this as some features may not applicable for your country.

Download Audiovox Model CDM-4000 Programing Manual here.

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