Applies to
ATI Radeon X300 Graphics Adapter

Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit versions), Windows 7

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


75.6 MB

Driver Date & Version
2/24/2010 (10.2)


After the AMD acquire ATI, they have developed new software driver for its DX9 AIT Radeon graphic accelerators products. This includes ATI Radeon X300 driver. The new software driver is known as Catalyst Software Suite.

The software suite contains display driver, Catalyst Control Center and WDM drivers. With this ATI Radeon X300 driver, one can observe that toggling (using Alt+Tab key) between full screen mode to Windows Desktop in 3D games is no longer slow. Generally, with the latest Catalyst Software Suite one can get highest level of performance and reliability on ATI graphic cards.

Please note that when installing this driver for ATI Radeon X300 graphic card, Windows has to be logged on using administrator privileged account.

Download ATI Radeon X300 Driver here.

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