Applies to
ATI 9600 Series Video Cards

Windows Vista 32bit



41.0 MB

Driver Date & Version
13 Feb 2008 (ver. 8.2)


This English only version of newest ATI Catalyst Windows Vista includes display driver, ATI WDM Integrated Driver and Catalyst Control Center software. You have the option to download the driver separately from the Catalyst Control Center software, which is about 21MB and 46MB respectively.

One small problem if you own an All-in-Wonder video card. With this particular Windows Vista driver, you will not be able to is use any software application for TV/Capture functionality.

To install the driver, you can read the detailed description on ATI website. Basically here is how to do the installation (specific for ATI Radeon 9600 and assume no previous driver installed):

  • If you have any previous version software, you can uninstall by using [Add or Remove Programs] option and uninstall any ATI software.
  • Double-click on the downloaded ATI Catalyst driver file. Click Run to start the install process.
  • Use the default directory for extracting the files and press the Install button.
  • After extraction process fiished, click Next on the first install screen, then click Yes to the License agreement. and click the Express button.
  • The installer will start to load the display driver first.
    Next you will see the WDM Capture drivers load (for VIVO or All-In-Wonder).
    The Catalyst Control Center setup will start shortly after.
    A dialog box will indicate the install progress.
  • Finally restart your PC to end the process.
  • For All-in-Wonder video cards, some additional steps required, you can read more here as this guide is about ATI Radeon 9600 only.

Download ATI 9600 Series Video Driver for Windows Vista here.

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