Applies to
Asus VK266H LCD Monitor with 2.0 megapixel rotatable webcam.

Windows Vista 32bit/64bit, Windows 2000, Windows XP 32bit/64bit and Windows 7 32bit/64bit

ASUSTek Computer Inc.


7.73 MB

Driver Date & Version
2008/12/31 (ver.


This webcam driver is labeled as [ASUS LCD Monitor Lifeframe 2 software for ASUS LCD monitors build-in webcam].

Many Asus VK266H users complained about lacks of driver for their VK266H build in webcam. Some also says that even though they tried every other Life Frame drivers for different Windows versions, they still have faced problem using the webcam, with the error message Life Frame has stopped working....

One user also claimed his Asus VK266H webcam was working flawlessly UNTIL he updated his Windows Vista to service pack 2, with error message [Life Frame 2 runs on ASUS laptop only].

My advice is please download the latest version of Asus Life Frame driver and make sure you have patch your Windows with the latest service patch/updates. Do backup of your important files too. I noticed Asus supplies the same Life Frame driver file for 32bit and 64bit Windows, since Windows 2000 till Windows 7.

Download Asus VK266H 26-inch Full HD 1080p Widescreen LCD Monitor with 2.0mp Cam Drivers here.

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