Applies to
Asus M2N68-AM SE2 µATX Motherboard

Windows XP, Windows Vista, PDF Reader

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.


1.64 MB

Driver Date & Version
02/06/2009 (E4438)


The Asus M2N68-AM SE2 motherboard features the NVIDIA Geforce7025/nForce 630a integrated chipset. It supports the latest AMD socket AM2+ processors, including the latest Phenon X4 Quad-Core processor. Memory compatibility includes up to 4GB of Dual-Channel DDR2 memory at speeds of up to 1066MHz. It is a great deal for money.

The download page provides the user manual in multiple language such as English, Brazilian, French and Chinese. To download this manual, user has to specify what is the OS version. After specifying the OS, please click on the Manual link, and select the appropriate language. For successful download, kindly key in the character verification generated.

Download Asus M2N68 AM SE2 Motherboard Manual here.

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