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Asus A7V333-X Motherboards

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23 October 2002 (ver. 1.0)


Some introduction to Asus A7V333 motherboard:

The ASUS A7V333-X motherboard is loaded with the most advanced technologies to deliver the maximum performance for socket A processors. This motherboard is loaded with value-added features for guaranteed consumer satisfaction. Unique ASUS features such as ASUS C.O.P., ASUS EZ Flash, ASUS MyLogo and more are included to ensure the best user experience and value in a motherboard.

In this 64-pages user manual, there are three chapters with clearly labeled pictures and explanation. Asus motherboard manuals are among the better written in the industry.:

  1. Chapter 1: information about the ASUS A7V333-X motherboard that came with the system.This chapter includes the motherboard layout, jumper settings, and connector locations.
  2. Chapter 2: information about the ASUS A7V333-X Basic Input/Output System (BIOS).This chapter includes updating the BIOS using the ASUS AFLASH BIOS that is bundled with the support CD.
  3. Chapter 3: helps you power up your system and install drivers and utilities that came with the support CD.

Technical Specification for ASUS A7V333-X Motherboard

CPU Socket A for AMD Athlon XP/Athlon/Duron up to 2.8 GHz+

333 MHz FSB Support

Chipset Northbridge: VIA KT333

Southbridge: VIA VT8235

Front Side Bus (FSB) 333/266/200Mhz
Memory 3 x DDR DIMM Sockets

Max. 3 GB unbuffered PC2100/1600 non-ECC DDR SDRAM

(PC2700 Max. to 4 banks only)

Expansion slots 6 x PCI

1 x AGP 4X

IDE 2 x UltraDMA 133/100/66

Audio (optional) Realtek 6-channel CODEC
LAN (optional) BroadCom 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controller
USB 2.0 VT8235 built-in USB 2.0

6 x USB 2.0 ports

Special Features ASUS MyLogo



Power Loss Restart

ASUS JumperFree

SFS (Stepless Frequency Selection)

ASUS C.O.P. (CPU Overheating Protection)

Back Panel I/O Ports 1 x Parallel

2 x Serial

1 x PS/2 Keyboard

1 x PS/2 Mouse

1 x Audio I/O (on audio model only)

4 x USB 2.0

1 x RJ-45 Port (on LAN model only)

Internal I/O CPU/Chassis FAN connector

Connectors 20 pin ATX power connector

IDE LED connector

Chassis Intrusion

Game port (on audio model only)

CD/AUX audio in (on audio model only)

Front panel audio connector (on audio model only)

1 x USB 2.0 connector supports additional 2 USB 2.0 ports

BIOS features 2Mb Flash ROM ASUS JumperFree Award BIOS DMI2.0

PnP WfM2.0 BIOS 2.3 ASUS EZ Flash ASUS MyLogo

TCAV (Trend Chip Away Virus)

Industry standard PCI 2.2 / USB 2.0.
Manageability WfM2.0 / DMI2.0 / WOR / WOL / Chassis Intrusion
Form Factor ATX form factor: 12 in x 9.6 in
Support CD contents Device drivers


Trend Micro PC-cillin 2002 anti-virus software

ASUS LiveUpdate Utility

Accessories Users manual

Support CD

1 x UltraDMA 133/100/66 cable

FDD cable

I/O shield

Download Asus 7V333 Motherboard Technical Manual here.

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