Applies to
Acer Aspire 5920 - 5920G with ntel Matrix Storage Technology

Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Intel Corporation


6.94 MB

Driver Date & Version
6/25/2009 (ver.


Acer 5920 and 5920g are using SATA harddisk which benefits from Intel Matrix Storage Technology. In terms of protection, performance and expandability, Acer 5920 has advantage of enhanced performance and lower power consumption by using Intel Matrix Storage technology.

You will need to install the latest supported version of Intel Matrix Storage Manager software in order to take full advantage of performance and most important stability of your Acer 5920. The latest release of Intel Matrix Storage Manager supports Windows 7 and offers various performance and stability improvement. See below for improvements (please be aware that some improvements may not applicable for Acer 5920 as the same Intel software is for desktop using Intel SATA harddisk as well):

Improvement/Resolved Issues of Intel Matrix Storage Manager ver.

  1. Data Miscompare on a RAID 5 Disk Expansion
  2. OROM RAID creation with large capacity disks results in a 432 GB volume
  3. OROM returns multiple errors when creating a full sized Recovery volume with 1.5TB HDDs
  4. AHCI SATA Controller does not re-enable after disable
  5. Going into S4 causing BSOD 9086 after removal of eSATA HDD
  6. WHQL: BSOD (StopCode 0x50) during Dynamic Partitioning on Server 2008 R2 (BLOCKING)
  7. Intel(R) RRT Unable to boot from recovery drive (when enabled in OROM) after mounting partner disk in UI
  8. ODD doesnt consistently get detected w/Warm Swap during S3 and platform fails to enter S3 anymore afterwards
  9. BSODs with S3/S4 and/or hot plug
  10. WHQL: BSOD (StopCode 0xC9) during Device Path Exerciser on XP (BLOCKING)
  11. Set LED defaults to off
  12. Multiple Interrupts resulting in missed hot plug insertions
  13. When I/O to an ATAPI device returns with an error results in possible BSODs
  14. WHQL: BSOD (StopCode 0xD1) during Hibernation/Crashdump on 64-bit RAID (BLOCKING)
  15. WHQL: BSOD (StopCode 0xA) during Device Path Exerciser on Piketon XP64 AHCI (BLOCKING)
  16. D1 BSOD when hot plugging ODD - D1 driver_irql_not_less_or_equal
  17. CPRM DVD cant be played with WinDVD
  18. Hot Plug of eSATA devices leads to 0x9086 BSOD intermittently
  19. Intel Matrix Storage Manager cannot intermittently detect hotplugs when LPM is enabled and a SATA repeater is present on the sata port path
  20. System hung up after reading file including medium error (bad block) on AHCI system.
  21. Continuous IO to Intel(R) RRT BrokenClone causing BSOD 9086 on Piketon

Download Aspire 5920 Intel Matrix Storage Manager Pre Installation Drivers here.

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