Applies to
Acer Aspire 5515 Notebook

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000

Acer Inc.


25.1 MB

Driver Date & Version
01/15/2009 (


This version of Aspire 5515 Touchpad Drivers is in zip file format. After you have downloaded the file, right click and choose "Unzip to Tochpad_Synaptics_11.0.2.0_Vistax86x64\". The required driver installation files will be unzip into Tochpad_Synaptics_11.0.2.0_Vistax86x64 folder. Remember this folder location. After the unzip process is done, open the folder and look for setup.exe. Start the installation by double clicking on the setup.exe file. Follow the screen instruction to complete.

If you wish to know what kind of issues and problems has been solved in this version of touchpad driver, kindly refer to the readme.txt file located at the same folder of the setup.exe file. I do not wish to update here, as there are more than 20 issues being solved.

Download Aspire 5515 Touchpad Drivers here.

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