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AOC LCD Monitors-Models include 0173P, 0177S-1, 0177Sa-1, 0177Ss-1, 0193P+, 0197S-1, 0197Ssa-1, 1212Va1_061129, 022LVWk, 07E-BLK, 07F-SLK, 0912Sws1, 0912Vwa-1, 0AOC193FW, 1AOC7F, 1AOC7K, 1Aoc9K, 0AOCA562, 0AOCA781, 0AOCA785, 0AOCA880, 0AOCLM-500, 0AOCLM-700, 0AOC_LCD, 0AOC_LM700, 0B773Z, 0B793Z, 0CT5x0, 0CT7x0, 0Epi4v, 0Epi5e, 0EPI7E, 0EPI7G, 0EPI7V, 0EPI9G, 0FT9x0, 0LM522, 0LM722, 0LM729, 0LM914919, 0LM929 and 0P773Z.

Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP

AOC Monitors


240.45 KB

Driver Date & Version
3/28/2003 (ver. 1.0)


If you are looking for CRT monitor (older generation fat type) driver, see AOC CRT Monitor Driver.

LCD monitors are the newer generation monitors compare to CRT. It is less bulky and uses less electricity. Saving space by almost 90 percent thus suitable for used in offices and homes, especially where space is limited.

Models of LCD monitors supports by this driver are as follow, see if yours is supported:

  1. 0173P
  2. 0177S-1
  3. 0177Sa-1
  4. 0177Ss-1
  5. 0193P+
  6. 0197S-1
  7. 0197Ssa-1
  8. 1212Va1_061129
  9. 022LVWk
  10. 07E-BLK
  11. 07F-SLK
  12. 0912Sws1
  13. 0912Vwa-1
  14. 0AOC193FW
  15. 1AOC7F
  16. 1AOC7K
  17. 1Aoc9K
  18. 0AOCA562
  19. 0AOCA781
  20. 0AOCA785
  21. 0AOCA880
  22. 0AOCLM-500
  23. 0AOCLM-700
  24. 0AOC_LCD
  25. 0AOC_LM700
  26. 0B773Z
  27. 0B793Z
  28. 0CT5x0
  29. 0CT7x0
  30. 0Epi4v
  31. 0Epi5e
  32. 0EPI7E
  33. 0EPI7G
  34. 0EPI7V
  35. 0EPI9G
  36. 0FT9x0
  37. 0LM522
  38. 0LM722
  39. 0LM729
  40. 0LM914919
  41. 0LM929
  42. 0P773Z

The list above is compiled by using the inf files in the driver zip file, thus some model name might be slightly different.

Installation is simple, see readme file for respective OS for more info. For example, For Windows XP help, see win_xp.txt or if you are too lazy to look for yourself, I will do it for you:

  1. Right Click the mouse anywhere on the BLANK area on the desktop then click on properties.
  2. Click on Settings tab
  3. Click on Advanced
  4. Click on Monitor tab
  5. Click on Properties
  6. Under Monitor Properties, click on Driver tab.
  7. Click on Update Driver
  8. On Hardware Update Wizard, select Install from a list of specific location (Advanced)
  9. Click on Next.
  10. On the next Hardware Update Wizard window, select Dont search. I will choose the driver to install.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Click on Have Disk
  13. Type C:\\AOC on Install From Disk window.
  14. Click on OK.
  15. Select the model of your monitor on the list
  16. Click Next.
  17. Note: If the Windows prompt you that the driver is not certified, click Continue Anyway.
  18. On the last window of Hardware Update Wizard click Finish to complete the installation.
  19. Restart the computer to update the windows settings for driver installation.

Hope this helps.

Download AOC LCD Monitor Driver here.

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