Applies to
ALS4000 PCI Sound Device

Windows XP

Avance Logic, Inc.


4.88 MB

Driver Date & Version
02/28/2001 (ver. 5.10.4000.1)


Avance Logic, Inc no longer manufactures or supports integrated computer chips and drivers.

The message above is shown on, and the site further stated that:

Avance Logic Drivers and support for the ac97, als4000, als100, als120, and many other drivers can be obtained from the following company:

and directed us to a site to download a piece of software named driverdetective.

So here is the actual driver. The readme file stated that there is two types of drivers supported:

For Win98/Win2000/WinME (WDM driver) and For WinNT 4.0 (NT4 driver). No mention of Windows XP driver support for ALS4000.

However, after extracted the zip file (the driver is in a zipped self extract format), we can see there is a folder named WINXP and two files are available: ALS4000.SYS and ALS4000.INF

So if you are trying to install your ALS4000 in Windows XP, when Windows XP prompt for the driver, just point the driver wizard to the WINXP folder. If this does not work, run setup.exe. Hope this help.

Download ALS4000 XP Driver here.

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