Applies to
Avance Logic ALS100/007SP/007 Sound System

Windows 95, Windows 3.11, DOS, Windows NT

Avance Logic Inc.


838 KB

Driver Date & Version
12/21/1999 (ver. A1.30)


You will find two folders WIN31_95 and WINNT after extracted the zipped driver file w95_100.exe. The driver is working for both ALS100 and ALS007 sound cards.

ALS100 Win3.11 Driver Installation

  1. To install Windows 3.11 driver, run SETUP.EXE under WIN31_95 folder. The Setup.exe is a Windows 3.1 setup program that installs DOS and Windows 3.1 drivers and utilities.
  2. The user can run Setup.exe by double click on the SETUP.EXE.The Setup.exe copies all the DOS drivers and utilities to the directory that user specifies during the setup program.
  3. All the ALS100 Windows 3.1 drivers and VxDs are copied to the Windows system directory.
  4. When the user installs the Avance Sound System for the first time the Alconfig.exe is started to configure the board setting after the Setup program is finished.

Download ALS100 Sound Card Drivers for Win3.11 here.

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