Applies to
Akai Professional S2800 / 3000 / 3200 / CD3000i/ S3000XL


AKAI Professional


2.20 MB

Driver Date & Version
3/20/1996 (ver. 1.2)


Only managed to find this Operator Manual for S2000 series of AkaiPro MIDI Stereo Digital Sampler. According to the manual and driver download page, the manual is intended for S2000 series, which mean include S2000 and S2800. For driver file, it is compatible with AkaiPro S2000, S300XL and S3200XL.

According to the Operator Manual, S2000 is basically a strip-down model with nearly all the functionality of the original S3000 and S3000XL, with main difference of a re-designed user interface of a 2 x 16 LCD and a condensed front panel.

According to a poster on, he was facing problem finding the correct manual for his S2800, so he uses the S3000xl manual and he found that almost everything is done the same.

The AkaiPro S2000 manual is very complete and you will learn everything you need to know with the 238 pages manual.

Updated on 1/17/2010

It is very hard to find Akai S2800 user manual in, the official website for Akai Professional, LLC

First, if you typed in S2800 in Akaipro website and click search, you will be told: [Sorry, but your search for s2800 had zero results.] So no luck here.

Then, you were thinking maybe Akai 2800 manual might be under S2000 series category. So you tried look there as well. Ya, there is S2000 owners manual alright, but it is only for Akai S2000 MIDI stereo digital sampler, not applicable for Akai S2800.

Finally I have found a trace of Akai 2800 manual when I looked under S3000XL (under Docs and Downloads). The Akai S3000XL Operators Manual stated that:

for the S3000XL, also suitable for S2800 / 3000 / 3200 / CD3000i, although some product differences will not be documented.

The user manual is 301 pages long and explained on different modes you can program:

  1. Single Mode
  2. Multi Mode
  3. Sample Mode
  4. Effects Mode
  5. Save Mode
  6. Load Mode
  7. Global Mode

Download Akai S2800 Manual here.

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