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Akai Professional MPD24 USB/MIDI Rhythm Controller Pad


AKAI Professional

Akai MPD24 Complete Tutorial

6.95 MB

Driver Date & Version
03/13/2008 (ver. 1.0)


In AkaiPro website your will find the following manuals/tutorials in PDF format:

  1. MPD24 Operator Manual: mpd24_reference_manual.pdf
  2. MPD24 Factory Preset Documentation: mpd24_factorypreset_documentation.pdf
  3. MPD24 Product Overview ver. 2008: mpd24_product_overview.pdf
  4. MPD24 Hardware Firmware Update Instruction: mpd24_firmware_update_instructions.pdf
The most important reference manual or tutorial is the Operator manual, which is available in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German languages. The operator manual conprises of the following important chapters:
  1. Introduction.
  2. Key Features.
  3. Computer Requirements.
  4. Top Panel Overview
  5. Real Panel Overview
  6. Hookup Diagram
  7. Navigation Buttons Explained
  8. Displaying Information
  9. Different modes avaialble: Preset Mode, Edit Mode, Global Modes and Program Change Mode.
  10. Specifications.

See below for the complete specification for AkaiPro MPD24:

Display custom LCD w/ backlight
Dimensions (WxDxH) 318mm x 283mm x 50mm (68mm MAX)
Weight 2.18 kg
Power ~200mA 5V DC via USB

~500mA 6V DC via external adaptor (MP6-1)

Number of Presets 30
MIDI output channels over USB 48 (16 channels x 3 ports)
MIDI output channels from 5-pin MIDI 16
Drum pads 16 (velocity and pressure sensitive)
Drum pad banks 4
Sliders 6
360 degree knobs 8
Accessories Users manual

USB cable (1m)

CD-ROM disc with Uniquest Editor and other extras

DVD-ROM disc with BFD Lite

MIDI inputs 5-pin DIN x 1
MIDI outputs 5-pin DIN x 1
USB Slave connector x 1 (MIDI over USB)
DC IN 6V DC 500mA

Frankly speaking these manuals offer little tutorials. You will only find standard operating instruction within the official manuals. You might want to join some professional related forums for more real life tutorials offered by other forumers.

Download Akai MPD24 Tutorial Manuals here.

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