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Adaptec AHA-2940U2B PCI Wide Ultra2 SCSI Adapter


Adaptec / IBM


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Driver Date & Version
June 2001 (ver. 224)


Specification for Adaptec AHA-2940U2B PCI Wide Ultra2 SCSI Adapter

SCSI typeWide Ultra2 SCSI
SCSI bus path / speed16-bit / 80MB/sec
I/O ArchitecturePCI
I/O bus path / speed32-bit / 132MB/sec
RAID levelsNone (use software)
Chip architectureAIC-7890A
ChannelsOne (internal and/or external)
ConnectorsTwo total:

One internal - 68-pin 16-bit

One external - 68-pin 16-bit

Devices supported15 devices total on one or both connectors
FeaturesSCSI-1, SCSI-2, UltraSCSI, Ultra2 SCSI (LVDS)

Supports a bootable CD-ROM

Busmaster DMA / ASPI compliant

Flash BIOS

Includes Ultra2 5-drop, 68-pin internal ribbon cable with active termination

Includes adapter to activity LED cable

Cache std / maxNone (FIFO buffer)
Avail / withdrawn dateNovember 1999 / October 2000
Limited warranty33 years
Part number33L5000

I tried to look for specification of AHA-2940U2B in Adaptec website and all I found are information for other models in Ultra2 Family, such as AHA-2930U2, AHA-AHA-2940U2W and AHA-3950U2.

I broaden the search and finally found a PDF file in IBM website. The Adaptec AHA-2940U2B specification is listed under [UltraSCSI Contrillers(PCI)- withdrawn]. By the way, the PDF file is dated back to year 1999 and according to the PDF file, AHA-2940U2B was withdrawn in October 2000.

Download Adaptec AHA-2940U2B Specifications here.

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