Applies to
Adaptec AHA-2940 PCI-to-Fast SCSI host adapters

IBM OS-2, DOS, Windows 2000, Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows NT, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Novell NetWare, SCO Unix, SCO UnixWare


aic78xx_aic78u2_vista_x86_v605456.exe (Vista)

137.0 KB

Driver Date & Version
4/17/2007 (ver. 6.0.5456)


Only drivers that are not included or embedded within a supported operating system are listed below. To see a complete list of supported operating systems see the Product Specifications.

Here is the complete list of available drivers for every supported OS:

  1. IBM OS-2
  2. DOS
  3. Windows 2000
  4. Windows 3.1x
  5. Windows 95
  6. Windows 98
  7. Windows Millennium
  8. Windows NT
  9. Windows Server 2008
  10. Windows Vista
  11. Novell NetWare
  12. SCO Unix
  13. SCO UnixWare
Here is the product specification, just in case you are interested to know:

Number of devicesSupports up to 7 devices total
Bus System Interface Type32-bit PCI local-bus
External Connectors50-pin SCSI-2 High Density
Internal Connectors50-pin shrouded standard SCSI header
Data Transfer Rate10 Mbytes/sec Fast Synchronous (Fast SCSI) on the SCSI bus

Download Adaptec AHA-2940 SCSI Controller Drivers here.

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