Applies to
Acer n300 series Handheld Pocket PC - n310, n311

PDF User Guide Manual



438 KB

Driver Date & Version
September 2005 (ver. 1.0)


Acer n310 and n311 are some of the models of Acer n300 series handheld gadget or some refer to them as Pocket PC (which is not entirely right, depends on your own definition of Pocket PC).

The differences between n310 and n311 are as in the following table of comparison:

Acer n311Acer n310
Synchronization CradleCable
Samsung Processor 400 MHz300 MHz
FlashROM128 MB64 MB

So the user manual for Acer n300 is applicable for both n310 and n311 models. The 40 pages long user manual is written nicely with a lot of illustrations. I especially like the illustrations using pictures of actual Acer n300 handheld, which add to easier understanding of the messages the manual is trying to tell us.

Download Acer n310 Pocket PC Manual here.

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