Applies to
Acer TravelMate C200 Series

Windows 2000/XP, Vista

Acer Europe


4073 KB

Driver Date & Version
11/30/2005 (Ver. 3A14)


This Acer TravelMate C200 bios update will fix the problem of Fn+F6 (blank screen) can\'t last long.

My advice is: as long as you are comfortable with your notebook, do not flash your BIOS. It is a critical update and any mistake will render your notebook useless, you will have to either replace the BIOS chip or the whole motherboard as well. Make backup of your important files prior to do the update.

Two ways to flash the Acer C200 BIOS:

To flash in Windows mode, pls install Winflash utility as in

To flash in pure DOS mode, pls run: PHLASH16 xxx.WPH /mode=3 /S

I recommended to run the update using Windows mode, as I am more comfortable with Windows. But the Winflash utility may not work in Windows Vista, so if that is the case, you will have to run in DOS mode using bootable diskette.

For additional information and help, you may want to refer to the readme.txt

Download Acer C200 Bios Update here.

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