Applies to
Acer 5940 EgisTec-Corp Fingerprint Reader

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (both 32bit and 64bit)



101 MB

Driver Date & Version
08/28/2009 (ver. 8.70.801.1022)


This driver will install EgisTec-Corp Fingerprint Reader Driver (FPSensor.sys) for your Acer Aspire 5940 notebook. You will need this driver in order to fully utilize the Acer Bio Protection software package.

Acer Bio Protection is a multi-purpose fingerprint software package integrated with the Microsoft Windows operating system. Utilizing the uniqueness of ones fingerprint features, Acer Bio Protection has incorporated protection against unauthorized access to your computer with Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA), centralized password management with Password Bank, and fast application/website launching and login with Acer FingerLaunch.

Acer Bio Protection also allows you to navigate through web browsers and documents using Acer FingerNav. With Acer Bio Protection, you can now enjoy an extra layer of protection for your personal computer, as well as the convenience of accessing your daily tasks with a simple swipe of your finger.

You will need to have either one of the following fingerprint sensors:

  1. AuthenTec AES1610 or
  2. UPEK TCS4E or
  3. EgisTec SS801U

Upon downloaded and extracted the large driver file (100 MB), I found the driver files actually taken only a minor 5 MB hard disk size, the rest are all the finger print related software by Acer. So if you do not need all the software and want to go straight to the driver files, you can find them in /FingerPrint_EGIS_6.2.56_Win7_Vistax86x64_AS5940/driver/ folder. Run either SDKInstaller.exe (32bit) or InstallSDK64.exe (64bit) to install the finger print drivers only.

Download Acer 5940 Fingerprint Reader Driver here.

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