Applies to
Accton EN1207D / EN2242A Fast Ethernet Adapters

DOS, Win95, Win98, WinMe, WinNT,Win2000, WinXP, OS/2, Linux



502 KB

Driver Date & Version
18/10/2001 (ver. 1.10)


The driver for Accton\'s EN1207D/EN2242A Series PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter is available for the following OSes:

  1. DOS
  2. Win95
  3. Win98
  4. WinMe
  5. WinNT
  6. Win2000
  7. WinXP
  8. OS/2
  9. Linux

Basically the driver zip file, after extracted, will expended to folders with respective OSes, e.g. /win2000, /win95, /winxp and /sco. To install the driver of your choice, just browse to the folder with os of your choice.

Here is a detailed instruction on setting up Accton EN1207D ethernet adapter:

  1. Go to the PCI configuration item in BIOS setup.
  2. Follow these steps to configure the PCI slot:
    1. You should know which slot your adapter is plugged in to. Look for the physical location of the slot in your PCI motherboard.
    2. Set the this device field to Enable.
    3. Set the this item field to Master.
    4. The EN1207D/EN2242A series PCI adapter MUST be installed in an expansion slot that supports Bus Master. Refer to your system documentation to determine which slots support Bus Mastering.
    5. Some BIOS Setups allow you to select which interrupt line you can use. In this case, select INT A for the this item field.
    6. Select an IRQ of your choice; make sure it does not conflict with existing IRQs in use.
    7. Select the Trigger method by which the IRQ is assigned or routed to the PCI slot. Choose the level-trigger option. Multiple EN1207D/EN2242A series PCI adapters can share the same PCI interrupt, but all must use INTA with level-trigger mode.
  3. Run the diagnostic program found in the driver diskette under DOS.
  4. If any problem arises during the installation, contact your dealer or Accton Technology Corporation for support.

Download Accton EN1207D Fast Ethernet Adapter Driver here.

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