Applies to
Abit AN8 32X Socket 939 nf4 Motherboard

Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista



35.10 MB

Driver Date & Version
2005/12/02 (ver. 6.82)


Confusion of Abit A8N or AN8?

Abit DOES NOT have a motherboard with model number A8N, in fact the correct model number should be AN8. You want proof? Here is the page of list of Abit Archives motherboards. Look under Socket 939 and you will find these model number:
  1. AN8
  2. AN8 32X
  3. AN8 SLI
  4. AN8 Ultra
  5. AN8-3rd Eye
  6. AN8-V
  7. AT8
  8. AT8 32X
  9. AV8
  10. AV8-3rd Eye
  11. AX8
  12. AX8 V2.0
  13. AX8-3rd Eye
  14. AX8-V
  15. Fatal1ty AN8
  16. Fatal1ty AN8 SLI
  17. KN8
  18. KN8 SLI
  19. KN8 Ultra
  20. KN8 Ultra-SOTES
  21. NF-95
  22. UL8

Here is a list of available drivers for abit AN8 32X motherboard:

List of available abit AN8 32X Drivers

  1. AMD Cool n Quiet Driver for XP / XP 64bit / 2003 / 2003 64bit
  2. AMD Cool n Quiet Driver for 2K/Me
  3. NFORCE C51 Chipset Driver
  4. NvRaid Installation Disk
  5. Realtek Audio Driver
  6. Sil3132 RAID Installation Disk
  7. Sil3132 SATA Installation Disk
  8. SiliconImage 3132 RAID Driver
  9. SiliconImage 3132 SATA Driver

Download Abit A8N-32 Driver here.

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