Applies to
Toshiba Satellite A45-S120 notebook




2.70 MB

Driver Date & Version
02/23/04 ()


This latest Toshiba Satellite A45-S120 Bios is applicable for the following models:

  1. A40-S2001
  2. A40-S270
  3. A40-S2701
  4. A40-S1611
  5. A40-S161
  6. A40-S200
  7. A45-S2502
  8. A45-S1301
  9. A45-S2501
  10. A45-S250
  11. A45-S1501
  12. A45-S150
  13. A45-S1201
  14. A45-S1202
  15. A45-S121
  16. A45-S1211
  17. A45-S151
  18. A45-S120
  19. A45-S130
  20. A45-S1511
The version numbers for Toshiba A45-S120 bios is not in sequence, and starts from ver 1.20 instead of start from 1.00, anyhow please see the following for each of the version and the main features:
  1. Version 1.50 (02-23-2004)

    Made a change to add suppport for non-HTT (Hyper Threading Technology) CPUs.

  2. Version 1.30 (01-05-2004)

    Made a change to ensure a CardBus card will be properly recognized when the card is inserted or re-inserted after resuming from hibernation under Windows XP / Windows 2000.

  3. Version 1.20 (01-02-2004)

    Initial production BIOS for Satellite A40/A45 models.


    Installation/usage instructions in ASCII text format


    Self-displaying version of installation/usage instructions

  3. 1393D15.EXE

    Self-extracting diskette image of BIOS install diskette

  4. BIO000CT.COM

    Flash BIOS 1.50 image for Satellite A45-S120 (provided here for installation methods 3 and 5)


    Flash BIOS update utility version version 4.33 (provided here for installation methods 3 and 5)

  6. p000cv150.exe

    Windows-installed BIOS package


    BIOS Installation Launcher application. The Launcher displays a Windows dialog from which you can choose a BIOS installation option appropriate for your system and Windows version. There are various other files in support of the BIOS Installation Launcher which are not listed here.

  8. 1a45v15.iso

    ISO Image of bootable BIOS Installation CD-ROM See instructions below regarding the use of this image

Instructions on Installing A45-S120 BIOS Upgrade

There are five options for installing this BIOS release:
  1. From the bootable BIOS installation diskette. This is the recommended procedure whenever a diskette drive (internal, USB, or PCMCIA) is available on the target system.

    This is recommended over the second option (running in Windows) because you never know when Windows will hang with blue screen of death, or your firewall or antivirus software decided to stop your BIOS firmware flashing halfway.

  2. From within Windows NT-based operating systems (XP, 2000, NT 4.0) using the Windows-based BIOS installer.
  3. At startup by holding down the key immediately to the left of the spacebar.
  4. From the bootable BIOS installation CD-ROM
  5. Run CHGBIOSA.EXE at the command prompt.

Download A45 S120 Bios Upgrade here.

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