Applies to
MSI 815ET Pro MS-6337 (V5.X) ATX Motherboard


MSI Computer

815 ET Pro User

1.94 MB

Driver Date & Version
May 2001 (ver. 5.0)


The user manual for MSI 815ET Pro MS-6337 (V5.X) ATX Motherboard is quite confusing and hard to read. Unlike normal user manual which all information are in one page, the manual for 815ET is scattered in many different PDF files, seven in total. You must read 6337v5-Contents.pdf to get a list of other chapters in the user manual.

  1. 6337v5-1.pdf: Chapter 1: Introduction
  2. 6337v5-2.pdf: Chapter 2: Hardware Setup
  3. 6337v5-3.pdf: Chapter 3: AWARD Bios Setup.

Download 815ET Pro User Manual Jumper Settings here.

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