Applies to
Acer Aspire 5520G Notebook nVidia Chipsets

Windows XP, Windows Vista



15.10 MB

Driver Date & Version
3/9/2007 (ver. ver. 65.8.4 (Vista) / ver. 1313(XP))


The nVidia Windows Vista driver is compatible with these Acer notebooks:
Aspire 7520G, Aspire 5220, Aspire 5520, Aspire 5520G and Aspire 7220.

The nVidia Windows XP driver is compatible with these Acer notebooks:
Aspire 7520, Aspire 5520, Aspire 5520G, Aspire 7220 and Aspire 7520G.

Driver Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract to a temporary folder e.g. c:/5520g/
  2. After extracted, you will find two folders created:
    1. /Vista_NVIDIA_Chipset_v65.8.4/
    2. /XP_NVIDIA_Chipset_v1313/
  3. Depends on which OS that you will be installing, Vista or XP, go the the folder and run SETUP.exe to start the driver installation.
  4. Separate folders also available in case you want to install certain components individually. The nForce WinVista or WinXP drivers including:
    1. Ethernet
    2. IDE
    3. SMBus
    4. SMU

For nVidia VGA display card drivers in Windows XP and Vista, please refer here.

Download 5520G New nVidia Driver here.

4 thoughts on “5520G New nVidia Driver

  • Alf September 11, 2008 2:18 am #

    Hope this works

  • joel September 23, 2008 1:59 pm #

    I hace formatted my laptop & i do not have the driver cd for acer aspire 5520g laptop so i want to download the drivers. How to download it?

  • dyno October 10, 2008 12:12 am #

    i have formatted my laptop (aspire 5520g) from vista to xp. and now nothing works exaple: sound card not found..inbuilt entenna…extra buttons dont work..if anyone can help please do if not should i download the new nvidia drive?

  • sunny July 4, 2009 3:08 pm #

    i have formatted my laptop aspire 5520g and installed windows vista ultimate. my acer crystal eye webcam is not working. i have installed the driver but donot have the software for the same . please help me out.


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