Applies to
Sakar 27290 Digital Camera

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Sakar International Inc.


1.10 MB

Driver Date & Version
6/25/2007 (n/a)


27290 digital camera is such an unimaginative model name for a digital camera. Not mentioning the driver is hard to find.

Well after some digging from the Internet I managed to download the owner's manual for 2729- digital camera. Here is the link if you want to have a look on the PDF manual.

The manufacturer or distributor is Sakar International. I managed to find the website but further searching using "27290" do not return any results. Using their keyword search we can see a search result:

Search Results
Product Code Product Name
27290 VGA Camera with Preview Screen View Product

But the javascript link is not working. No page opened after clicking on it.

Anyhow we have two important information here:

  1. VGA Camera with Preview Screen
  2. 27290
Upon browsing Sakar's Home ยป Digital Cameras & Web Cams section, there are three models end with *290:
  1. Fashion Swivel Camera with Mirror: 24290
  2. VGA Camera with Preview Screen: 25290
  3. Styleshot Digital Camera - GREEN COLOR: 28290
So we have the nearest match now: VGA Camera with Preview Screen: 25290 and it has a USB driver for download! The driver comes with one setup.exe file and during installation it will install a Dual Mode camera to your PC.

It is up to you to try the other two models' drivers but at lease try the nearest match first before the other two.

Download 27290 Digital Camera Driver here.

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