Applies to
Canon LiDE 500F Scanner

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7



9.15 MB

Driver Date & Version
5/13/2010 (ver.


This is the TWAIN-compliant scanner driver for Canon LiDE 500F color image scanner. It is designed for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The new changes in this version include:

  1. Supports Windows 7.
  2. The Usbscan.sys file has been deleted.
  3. The change such as version change and date deletion have been incorporated in readme file.
We can learn a lot more from the readme file. First we download and extract the contents of the EXE file into a temporary folder. Then we shall see two files: SetupSG.exe and README.TXT

Reading README.TXT we know that the driver for Canon LiDE 500F is actually called ScanGear CS 11.2 and it is a 32-bit TWAIN-compliant scanner driver. TWAIN-compliant basically means when you use Canon LiDE 500F within a TWAIN-compliant application, the scanner can be used to scan image data. Good news is many image processing software are TWAIN-compliant.

General Tips Using Canon LiDE TWAIN Driver in Windows XP

Found some useful tips on the readme file.
  1. Only run one application at a time that is actively linked to ScanGear CS. Do not open more than one application that is actively linked to ScanGear CS.

    Also, do not open ScanGear CS more than once to acquire an image in the same application.

  2. If you scan a very large image at high resolution, some applications may determine that there is not enough disk space to scan and save the image, and will return an error.
  3. If the image size is large, such as when you scan a large image at a high resolution, for using some applications, the progress bar may freeze at 0% due to limitations of the application.

    In this case, click the Cancel button on the progress bar, and then select a smaller area or lower resolution and try scanning again.

  4. With Windows 2000 or XP, the TWAIN data source may not open correctly from time to time when the system file is in the NTFS format.

    For security reasons, the TWAIN module cannot be written to the [winnt] directory. For details, contact your system administrator.

  5. Always close the ScanGear CS main window before you exit the parent application program.
  6. With Windows 2000 or XP, the system administrator is required to install or uninstall ScanGear CS.
  7. Certain personal computers (including laptops) may not restart correctly from standby mode when the scanner is attached. If this occurs, please reboot the computer.
  8. The scanner button may not operate after you install the driver. In this case, restart the system.
  9. When you preview or scan an image with a relatively uniform background, the Auto Tone function may change its coloring.

    If this occurs, reset the Auto Tone.

  10. With Windows Millennium Edition, the scanner may not work correctly after the USB cable has been disconnected and reconnected. If this occurs, please reboot the computer.

Download Canon LiDE 500 XP Scanner Driver here.