Applies to
Sagem XG 762N 54M wireless card

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Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 7 Windows Vista (32bit and 64 bit)

Sagem Communications


1.49 MB

Driver Date & Version
08/08/2007 (ver.


This is the Windows 7 (also for Vista, XP and other older Windows). Once you have plug in your Sagem XG 762 USB into your PC, Windows will prompt for the driver installation. Download the driver file and extract to a temporary folder.

Browse to the extracted folder and Windows will try to find the file under [Ndis5x/WlanBZG.inf] (for windows 7 and lower) or [Ndis6/WlanUZAV32.inf] for Windows Vista.

After you have installed the correct driver, Windows will recognize the USB wifi as "SAGEM 802.11g XG762 1211B" or "SAGEM Wi-Fi 11g USB Adapter" and you are good to use it to connect to your Wifi for internet.

Download Sagem XG 762N Windows 7 Driver here.

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