Applies to
MEDIATEK Wireless Utility for Mediatek RT2870/ RT2770/ RT307X/ RT2070 RT357X/ RT3370/ RT8070/ RT5X7X (RT5370 included)/ MT7610/ MT7601/MT7612U) chipsets.

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Windows XP, Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Win8 and Win10 OS (both 32bit and 64bit)

MediaTek Inc.


42.90 MB

Driver Date & Version
1/20/2016 (ver.

Mediatek has created this USB Wireless LAN driver for its family of the following chipsets:
  1. RT2870
  2. RT2770
  3. RT307X
  4. RT2070
  5. RT357X
  6. RT3370
  7. RT8070
  8. RT5X7X (RT5370 included)
  9. MT7610
  10. MT7601/MT7612U

If you are looking for RT5370 specifically, it should fall under RT5X7X (X for any number).

To start the installation, first download the IS_Setup_ICS_011916_1.5.39.173.exe, then just run it and follow on screen instructions as below:




After installation completed, you will find a IEEE802.11 WLAN icon on your task bar. It will auto detect any supported Mediatek RT5370 usb hardware and use the driver accordingly.

Download RT5370 Driver for Windows 7 here.

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