Applies to
Nokia Lumia 630 RM979/ 520 (maybe other models as long is using USB connection

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Windows 7, 2000, XP, Vista



5.78 kb

Driver Date & Version
05/11/2012 (ver. 1.0)

This driver will install "Windows Phone" and its "WinUsb Device USB Driver" on Windows 7 PC. It is reported working by some forumers in Microsoft Community forum.

Lumia 630 Windows 7 Driver Lumia 630 Windows 7 Driver

Below are the steps you need to install the driver:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  2. Download the driver file and unzip to a temporary folder.
  3. Open Device manager.
  4. Click 'Update driver', 'Browse for sw', search for the directory you extracted the files and click Next.
  5. Windows will read the inf file and will replace the "RM-979|Nokia Lumia 630" to "Windows Phone WinUSB"
  6. If there are other device with caption similar to "RM-XXX|Nokia Lumia XXX), do the same and Windows will try to lead the correct driver.

Download Nokia Lumia 630 RM-979 Windows 7 Driver here.

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