Applies to
Hewlett Packard HP Scanjet 3500c 3 buttons (might also work for Scanjet 3570 4 buttons model)

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Windows 10 64bit (tested by admin), windows XP and later in WIA (Windows Image Acquisition () mode, Windows Vista, Windows 8

Hewlett-Packard Company


2.64 mb

Driver Date & Version
12/27/2006 (ver.

After upgraded to Windows 10 64bit from Windows 8, I tried to use my old trusty HP Scanjet 3500c scanner for the first time. Yes it is an old model with 1200 dpi in 48bit color, but is perfect for simple black and white paper scanning.

Here is the picture of the 3500c scanner that I am using:

Hoever I could not load the driver in Windows 10. The power and USB connection is OK as I can hear the sound when connect and disconnect USB cable from scanner to my PC. But when I open windows 10's Scanner and Cameras tool, the HP scanjet 3500c is not being detected at all thus no driver is installed.

Tried to find the driver from HP website via this page: and the 3500c model, together with many other 'older' models are listed as not supported by Windows 10.

Below are the 'unsupported' models under windows 10, just in case you need to find your models:

  1. HP 1000 Photo Scanner
  2. HP Network Scanjet 4 Scanner
  3. HP Network Scanjet 5 Scanner
  4. HP Photosmart Photo Scanner
  5. HP Photosmart s20 Photo Scanner
  6. HP Photosmart 1200 Photo Scanner
  7. HP Scanjet Office Scanner (PC/ISA)
  8. HP Scanjet Original
  9. HP Scanjet Plus Scanner
  10. HP Scanjet IIc and IIp Scanner
  11. HP Scanjet 3c and 3p Scanner
  12. HP Scanjet 4c, 4p, and 4s Scanner
  13. HP Scanjet 5p and 5s (PC) Scanner
  14. HP Scanjet 2100c Scanner
  15. HP Scanjet 2200c Scanner
  16. HP Scanjet 2300c Scanner
  17. HP Scanjet 2400 digital Flatbed Scanner
  18. HP Scanjet 2380 Digital Flatbed Scanner
  19. HP Scanjet 3200c Scanner
  20. HP Scanjet 3300c Scanner
  21. HP Scanjet 3400c Scanner
  22. HP Scanjet 3500c, 3530c, and 3570c Scanner
  23. HP Scanjet 3670 Scanner
  24. HP Scanjet 3690 Digital Flatbed Scanner
  25. HP Scanjet 3770 Digital Flatbed Scanner
  26. HP Scanjet 3800 Photo Scanner
  27. HP Scanjet 3970 Scanner
  28. HP Scanjet 4070 Photosmart Scanner
  29. HP Scanjet 4100c Scanner
  30. HP Scanjet 4200c Scanner
  31. HP Scanjet 4300c Scanner
  32. HP Scanjet 4370 Photo Scanner
  33. HP Scanjet 4400c and 4470c Scanner
  34. HP Scanjet 4500c and 4570c Scanner
  35. HP Scanjet 4600 Scanner
  36. HP Scanjet 4850 Photo Scanner
  37. HP Scanjet 4890 Photo Scanner
  38. HP Scanjet 5100c Scanner
  39. HP Scanjet 5200c Scanner
  40. HP Scanjet 5300c and 5370c Scanner
  41. HP Scanjet 5400c and 5470c Scanner
  42. HP Scanjet 5490c Scanner
  43. HP Scanjet 5500c and 5550c Scanner
  44. HP Scanjet 5530 Photosmart Scanner
  45. HP Scanjet 6100c Scanner
  46. HP Scanjet 6200c Scanner
  47. HP Scanjet 6250c Scanner
  48. HP Scanjet 6300c Scanner
  49. HP Scanjet 6350c and 6390c Scanner
  50. HP Scanjet 7400c, 7450c, and 7490c Scanner
  51. HP Scanjet 7650 Document Flatbed Scanner
  52. HP Scanjet 7650n Networked Document Flatbed Scanner
  53. HP Scanjet 7800 Document Sheet-feed Scanner
  54. HP Scanjet 8200c Scanner
  55. HP Scanjet 8250 Automatic Document Feeder
  56. HP Scanjet 8250 Digital Flatbed Scanner
  57. HP Scanjet 8290 Digital Flatbed Scanner
  58. HP Scanjet 8350 Document Flatbed Scanner
  59. HP Scanjet 8390 Document Flatbed Scanner
  60. HP Scanjet G3010 Photo Scanner
  61. HP Scanjet N6010 Document Sheet-feed Scanner
  62. HP Scanjet N7710 Document Sheet-feed Scanner
  63. HP Scanjet N8420 Document Flatbed Scanner
  64. HP Scanjet N8460 Document Flatbed Scanner

As I have upgrade all my systems (PC, notebook, tablet) to Windows 10, going back to Windows 7 is the last thing I want to do. Fortunately HP mentioned that "HP drivers and software created for older Microsoft Windows operating systems might provide a scan workaround in Microsoft 10 for some products but are not guaranteed.", also HP suggested to try other third party software which might work, such as "VueScan Scanner Software" and "EMC".

First I tried the Vuescan software but after download the installation file just hang on the first screen, tried click on it and after few moments Windows 10 prompted me whether to wait or just close it. Tried to run on administrator mode, not working, tried to download and run the 64bit setup, not working, tried to download two older version of the setup files, not working, ok that's it, next.

Then I tried the EMC software, as suggested by HP. As soon as I open the link, under HP page, only two models nearest to my 3500c are "Hewlett-Packard Scanjet 3000" and "Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 3000s2", and the only link is back to HP driver page, ya so much help from these third party software that "might help".

So I tried to find the driver for Windows 7 instead. Going thru some shady sites that mostly provide link to driver manager instead of the driver itself, after some 20 minutes I managed to find the actual driver file itself. Unplug the USB cable from PC prior to run the setup, as I have faced problem before by plugging the USB during the driver installation. After driver installation, restart the PC.

So this is the result, Windows 10 successfully detected my HP scanjet 3500c and my scanner is working again.

Download HP Scanjet 3500c Scanner Windows 10 Driver here.

5 thoughts on “HP Scanjet 3500c Scanner Windows 10 Driver

  • R Mizzi

    Thanks my scanner now is working perfectly on windows 10. i was about to throw it away thanks once again.
    best Regards

  • David

    Thank you very much!!! The driver worked perfectly. You just saved me from throwing away my old scanner. Muchísimas gracias desde España!!!

    • Valeriu

      Thank you sir! I should have given up and I was sorry because it is a memory device that I did a good job with. Greetings from Romania!

  • Valeriu

    Thank you sir! I should have given up and I was sorry because it is a memory device that I did a good job with. Greetings from Romania!

  • chendil

    Thank you very much, It works fine, once again Thanks


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